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7 Wonders // Minty Fresh

Me And // minty fresh

Make-up bag – Monki // Blazer – H&M // Jeans – Zara // Dress – Wackerhaus // Shorts – Acne // Nail polish – Essie // Lamp – Verner Panton Flowerpot

I’m all in on the mints this season!! Already have three of the items on the picture (blazer, bag and nail polish) – next minty item could be a pair of jeans. Still looking for the exact right pair though..

7 Wonders // Objects&

7 wonders objects and use

Me And

I stumbled upon Objects & Use at a Living-fair I went to last week in Forum. At the fair O&U had made a pop-up shop showing and selling the products they normally sell online. What’s special about Objects & Use is that they sell products for “sustainable living” as they call it. Products that are good for you and the environment, e.g. organic and fair trade products, things made of natural materials or recycled materials, long lasting products and green cleaning products – all made with heart and soul. They ship worldwide (and their gift wrapping is so pretty!!) so why not go for a more sustainable choice next time you shop online? I have my eyes set on the baby-blue Piet Hein Eek pitcher.

7 Wonders // Taschen Wishlist

Me And

Wouldn’t mind updating my book-shelve with these nice Taschen books. As you might notice, I have a soft spot for graphics, advertisements, design and nice photos – just to name a few! You can find them all (and many more) right here.

7 Wonders #2

7 Wonders Knit

1: Pullover – Lala Berlin2: Coat – Vince / 3: Copped pullover – Vero Moda / 4: A-Jumper – Topshop /5: Jumper – Topshop / 6: 2 part – ASOS / 7: Hat – American Vintage

Baby, it’s cold outside (so cold, the gel-pad in my bike seat was frozen this morning!!). Dreaming of these 7 knitted items to keep me warm during the wintertime. I think the bunny-jumper is adorable, but wouldn’t mind having the Vince coat too – my budget would though! Which are your favourites?

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7 Wonders #1

1: Bank In The Form Of A Pig – Areaware / 2: Tea towels – HAY / 3: Poster – Playtype / 4: TurningTray – ArchitectMade / 5:Loop Stand Table – HAY / 6: Coogee Sofa – Sentou / 7: Board – Ferm Living

Today I’m dreaming of these 7 beautiful items. – And of course a huge apartment to place them in!

“7 Wonders” will be frequent post from now on – Hope you’ll like it.