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backpacks all my bags are packedI remember how I sported my Eastpak back in 7th grade: it was navy blue, and me and my friends had decorated with drawings and notes all over -it was the thing! I thought it looked cool, but really it wasn’t. When I realized, I swore never to wear a backpack again.

Then the shoulder bag took it’s turn in fashion, and all the way through high school I couldn’t walk straight up, due to my heavy books. I still have back problems from time to time – I blame fashion.

Then came some years, where I didn’t need to travel heavy, but when I started school again I had a problem. Did I really have to get a backpack again? I did! And a really boring laptop-friendly one, because backpacks were still not in fashion. But now the backpack is back, and there are many to choose from! I’ve gathered some of my favourite backpacks at the moment for you here – I’m especially hooked on Herschel’s and (never thought I’d say this again) Eastpak’s. Hook me up!

Sunday In The Sun

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And

Sunday the sun came out, and we went biking around the city. We went by a flea market where I bought a few books, and then by Svanemøllen beach where we took a walk in the shallow water. We sat down by the curve side to watch a bit of Challenge Copenhagen (KMD Triathlon / Ironman), and biked a bit along the route. -I’ve got nothing but respect for these guys!!

In the afternoon I sat in the garden reading Sushi for Beginners (vacation reading), while my bf watched the Olympics with some friends. He came by in the evening, and around midnight we went outside to watch the meteor shower. I saw two shooting stars and wished for more days like these :)

Ink On My Man

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And

For Christmas I gave my boyfriend (part of) a tattoo. He had it done a few weeks ago, and this is what he choose. A viking style tattoo of two dragons. To him it symbolises his close relationship with his family and especially his twin brother. I like that it look symmetrical, but really isn’t when you look closely. It’s the small differences that makes a person interesting. If we were all alike, life would be boring.

Miss You Mother’s Day

Me And

It’s mother’s day in Denmark. If you are lucky to still have your mother, be sure to treat her extra nicely today. I’ll be spending the day preparing for my exam that starts tomorrow. Already a bit stressed, so might not tune in as much the next weeks time. Anyways, have a happy Sunday – catch you later.

Ombre Tights

Me And // Ombre TightsMe And // Ombre TightsMe And // Ombre Tights

Crazy in looooooove with these ombre tights from Etsy seller BZR. Haven’t been able to find something similar any other place, but hoping the high street shops will pick it up. Until then, find the real deal right here.

7 Wonders // Minty Fresh

Me And // minty fresh

Make-up bag – Monki // Blazer – H&M // Jeans – Zara // Dress – Wackerhaus // Shorts – Acne // Nail polish – Essie // Lamp – Verner Panton Flowerpot

I’m all in on the mints this season!! Already have three of the items on the picture (blazer, bag and nail polish) – next minty item could be a pair of jeans. Still looking for the exact right pair though..