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Jabra Event // Casa Magnifica

IMG_20130612_180756IMG_20130612_184905IMG_20130612_180419 IMG_20130612_175447 IMG_20130715_232949 IMG_20130715_233152 IMG_20130613_073024

About a month ago, I was invited to a cozy and intimate event by Pencil PR and Jabra, at the “secret” restaurant Casa Magnifica. It was a very warm (read: hothothot) afternoon, so I didn’t complain when we were put on the rooftop terrace with a cool glass of bubbles while waiting for the rest to show up.

Jabra is a Danish brand that develops headsets and speaker phones, and the point of the event was for Jabra to introduce some of the new products for us – the JABRA REVO speakerphones and the JABRA SOLEMATE bluetooth speaker. First we had good introduction and presentation of the brand and products from one of the Jabra guys. To emphasize that Jabra really is good products with thought for both quality sound and design, the ever handsome DJ Thomas Madvig, personal user of the REVO speakerphones, endorsed them with fine comments (and sound) afterwards.

After the presentation, we were free to try the products out. I tried the speaker phones, and was truly amazed. I have never really cared for speaker phones I guess as I’ve always used some who came with my phone, or bought a cheap pair, but wow – this was great sound! Thomas helped me find a good track so I really could hear the quality of the speaker phones. They are completely soundproof in a way that you can’t heard anything that goes on around you – but people around you also can’t hear your music playing. How great is that! I hate when people “share” their music in the train because of shabby headphones.

Back on the rooftop terrace, the gourmet chef, owner of Casa Magnifica and former chef at NOMA, Boris Buono, served one delicious treat after another. Oh-my-taste-buds! As a food-lover I’ve read about Casa Magnifica before, but never really thought I’d get a chance to visit the social dining secret that serves menues starting from 1000 DKR and up, and only houses 12 guests at a time this soon. But I did – and I was happy to!

When it was time to say goodbye, we we’re told we could choose either a set of speaker phones or a speaker to take with us home. I was a bit torn, as the speaker phones had impressed me quite much, but because I hardly never use speaker phones I chose to bring home a SOLEMATE (cute name right?). The Jabra Solemate is a small and handy transportable bluetooth spreaker. I’ve been testing it for more than a month now, and I really like it. Is easy to use because of the bluetooth, it speaks to you (!!), and when you have it connected with you phone, you can even answer your calls though it. There’s speakers on both sides which makes the sound spread in all directions, and it can easily fill up our two living rooms with music. Best of all is the simple and cool design. I’ve always hated speakers for being ugly and space obtaining, but this one is not only good sound, it’s pretty too.

Sorry for this looong post, but didn’t want to leave too much out. When you find a good product, it deserve some space :)

Happy Birthday Disko

IMG_20130614_231933 IMG_20130614_232018 IMG_20130614_232054IMG_20130614_233152

Today Disko turned three years old! We celebrated with decorations, birthday song (just me, haha) and a “seafood buffet” for dinner – he loves shrimp! Pretty good day for at cat I’d say ;-)

Disko might be three in human years, but in cat years he’s actually turning 28!Geeezz, my cat’s older than me! Luckily he still acts like a kitten who loves to cuddle up on the couch with me :-)

Food In Squares

IMG_20130604_001840It’s no secret I like taking pictures of food and putting them on Instagram. Here are just a few of my snaps – all home made meals. In the top right corner are one of my favourite foods: Vietnamese spring rolls (or summer rolls as some call them). I’ll put up a recipe soon..

Testing: Veet Easy Wax

A few weeks ago, a package arrived to me from Buzzador* containing a Veet Easy Wax electrical roll-on kit! Very fancy. I’m a totally wax newbie, so I was quite excited to test it later that evening.


That smart thing about this wax roll-on thingy, is that you just plug it in the switch, and after 20-40 minutes the wax is ready to roll. I couldn’t wait, so began after 20 minutes. Didn’t work. After 30 it was better (but really it has to be in for 40 minutes to be perfect).

My first wax was a mess! Seriously. Sticky wax leftovers kind of glued my legs together, the waxing papers were all over the place and I just could get all the hairs off – probably because the lighting in the livingroom was shit, but also because it said on the package that you’re only allowed to wax the same place once.. hmm.. Anyways, I did it and it didn’t hurt! yay! But my legs was definitely not hair-free afterwards. I thought that maybe there’s a reason why people pay to get their legs done by a professional – as in another person – so I invited my friend over for a wax treatment. Maybe if we could do it on each other it would be easier. She was a wax-newbie too!

DSC_0017This is  her hairy legs – I promised not to reveal her true identity, haha.


It was much easier to do it on her, than on myself. The lighting was also much better, so I could actually see the hairs – that helps a lot!


Anyways, this little lady had a lot of hairs on her legs, so we ended up spending almost an hour on one leg! Then she had to leave. With one nice hair free leg – and with one hairy one.

DSC_0041This is the hairy one!

DSC_0040And this is the hair free one. Nice right?

Because we only had time to do one leg, she had to shave the other. It’s been about a week now and she has already shaved that one leg several times now – the result is quite clear, and she has already made a new wax-date :)

After her success I tried to wax my legs again with a much better result. First times are just hard I guess. Even though it said I shouldn’t wax the same place more than once, I did, and that made the difference. Plus I left the wax to heat in 40 minutes, I’ve run out of wax now, but I’ll definitely buy a refill. I see why this waxing is so popular, but I’m not throwing out my razor right this moment. There’s always times when you’re in a hurry, and shaving is just much faster for me..

Veet Easy Wax: **** (4 out of 6 stars)

*What is Buzzador? Being a Buzzer at Buzzador basically means that I’m a test person. Buzzador select some of their members to test certain products and give a review of them. The product given is free, I only have to give my personal opinion about it.


backpacks all my bags are packedI remember how I sported my Eastpak back in 7th grade: it was navy blue, and me and my friends had decorated with drawings and notes all over -it was the thing! I thought it looked cool, but really it wasn’t. When I realized, I swore never to wear a backpack again.

Then the shoulder bag took it’s turn in fashion, and all the way through high school I couldn’t walk straight up, due to my heavy books. I still have back problems from time to time – I blame fashion.

Then came some years, where I didn’t need to travel heavy, but when I started school again I had a problem. Did I really have to get a backpack again? I did! And a really boring laptop-friendly one, because backpacks were still not in fashion. But now the backpack is back, and there are many to choose from! I’ve gathered some of my favourite backpacks at the moment for you here – I’m especially hooked on Herschel’s and (never thought I’d say this again) Eastpak’s. Hook me up!

What I’ve Been Doing, Part Two

20130202_143505 IMG_20130203_125026 DSC_0019 IMG_20130204_213111 IMG_20130213_21045220130214_203240

Due to time and money, we agreed from the beginning only to fix up the two living rooms before we moved in. That gave us about 9 working days (and nights) before moving day! Started off by spending a weekend pulling off many layers of old wallpaper. It’s an old building from 1906, and I’m not sure if some of the layers were that old, but we did come across some very nice (and very ugly) patterns. Holes were filled and walls were sanded – a job from hell that takes longer than you expect!  We had the floors done – sanded and treated with lye and white soap. They look sooo beautiful now and makes the rooms look so bright. After my dad helped us putting up glass felt, we just needed to paint. Beautiful white walls! We ended up moving in a few days before the rooms were done, as it all took a bit longer than expected. But at least we did most of it ourselves, and that’s pretty cool I think..

The Cat In The Orange Chair

DSC_0005DSC_0008 forgetaboutit 600x150 DSC_0010

I know this great 2nd hand furniture sale in Copenhagen. It’s only open once a week, and only for 2 hours! Today I dropped by just as it opened, and my eyes immediately caught this orange fellow. Another woman already had her hands on it, but decided not to buy, as it wasn’t as cheap as she had hoped. Just my luck! The colour is perfect in our living room, and I love the frame and the 70s vibe. Disko seems to love it too – he has been laying in it ever since I brought it home.

This chair actually means we’re done furnishing the livingroom (with big things)! Of course my boyfriend thinks we should get rid of my Kartell Bourgie lamp and Panier coffee table, but that won’t happen until we (I) find a suitable replacement. And who knows how long that will take..?



I’ll Be Back


Me and Disko.comWhile I’m writing my BA, there’s not much time for blogging. Follow us on Instagram instead (MeAndDisko) for cute cat photos and other fast updates :) See ya!