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Testing: Veet Easy Wax

A few weeks ago, a package arrived to me from Buzzador* containing a Veet Easy Wax electrical roll-on kit! Very fancy. I’m a totally wax newbie, so I was quite excited to test it later that evening.


That smart thing about this wax roll-on thingy, is that you just plug it in the switch, and after 20-40 minutes the wax is ready to roll. I couldn’t wait, so began after 20 minutes. Didn’t work. After 30 it was better (but really it has to be in for 40 minutes to be perfect).

My first wax was a mess! Seriously. Sticky wax leftovers kind of glued my legs together, the waxing papers were all over the place and I just could get all the hairs off – probably because the lighting in the livingroom was shit, but also because it said on the package that you’re only allowed to wax the same place once.. hmm.. Anyways, I did it and it didn’t hurt! yay! But my legs was definitely not hair-free afterwards. I thought that maybe there’s a reason why people pay to get their legs done by a professional – as in another person – so I invited my friend over for a wax treatment. Maybe if we could do it on each other it would be easier. She was a wax-newbie too!

DSC_0017This is  her hairy legs – I promised not to reveal her true identity, haha.


It was much easier to do it on her, than on myself. The lighting was also much better, so I could actually see the hairs – that helps a lot!


Anyways, this little lady had a lot of hairs on her legs, so we ended up spending almost an hour on one leg! Then she had to leave. With one nice hair free leg – and with one hairy one.

DSC_0041This is the hairy one!

DSC_0040And this is the hair free one. Nice right?

Because we only had time to do one leg, she had to shave the other. It’s been about a week now and she has already shaved that one leg several times now – the result is quite clear, and she has already made a new wax-date :)

After her success I tried to wax my legs again with a much better result. First times are just hard I guess. Even though it said I shouldn’t wax the same place more than once, I did, and that made the difference. Plus I left the wax to heat in 40 minutes, I’ve run out of wax now, but I’ll definitely buy a refill. I see why this waxing is so popular, but I’m not throwing out my razor right this moment. There’s always times when you’re in a hurry, and shaving is just much faster for me..

Veet Easy Wax: **** (4 out of 6 stars)

*What is Buzzador? Being a Buzzer at Buzzador basically means that I’m a test person. Buzzador select some of their members to test certain products and give a review of them. The product given is free, I only have to give my personal opinion about it.

Baby Baby


IMG_20130510_001935IMG_20130509_180141IMG_20130509_155712 Those who follow Me and Disko on Instagram already knows who this beauty is. Those who doesn’t – say hi to Agnes, my new baby niece! On Wednesday she will be one month old. As far as I know, being and auntie is the best job in the world…


I’ll Be Back


Me and Disko.comWhile I’m writing my BA, there’s not much time for blogging. Follow us on Instagram instead (MeAndDisko) for cute cat photos and other fast updates :) See ya!


Coldplay @ Parken // Flashback


Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comRemembered I forgot to show you the pictures from the Coldplay concert back in August. As you can see – it was light-show-crazyness in the absolute best way ever! Even the audience were part of the light-show, as blinking wristbands were handed out in the entrance. Very cool gadget! It was my third Coldplay concert, and definitely not the last if you ask me. One of the few bands that NEVER bore me.

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25 Years In Fashion


Me And

Tomorrow Thursday, Vero Moda celebrates its 25 years anniversary with 25% discount in all Danish store – but for one day only! Girls! Get your purses and go shopping! There are lot’s of cool styles at the moment, I especially have my eye on this dress from the Very collection – perfect for a Christmas party!

Me And

The silver anniversary is to be marked in more than 40 countries with Vero Moda shops, but the 25% discount day may be different from country to country. So go check your national Vero Moda facebook page – the day will be revealed there. Happy shopping!