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Happy Birthday Disko

IMG_20130614_231933 IMG_20130614_232018 IMG_20130614_232054IMG_20130614_233152

Today Disko turned three years old! We celebrated with decorations, birthday song (just me, haha) and a “seafood buffet” for dinner – he loves shrimp! Pretty good day for at cat I’d say ;-)

Disko might be three in human years, but in cat years he’s actually turning 28!Geeezz, my cat’s older than me! Luckily he still acts like a kitten who loves to cuddle up on the couch with me :-)

I’ll Be Back


Me and Disko.comWhile I’m writing my BA, there’s not much time for blogging. Follow us on Instagram instead (MeAndDisko) for cute cat photos and other fast updates :) See ya!


I could’ve been a Princess, You’d be a King

Coldplay, Herning 2009

Tonight I’m going to see Coldplay playing at Parken, Copenhagen. It’s my third time seeing them live (Roskilde Festival 2003, Herning 2009), and I’m very exited as it’s one of the few bands who’s music I can always listen to.

Tomorrow morning, me, Disko and bf are jumping the train to Jutland to spend the rest of our vacation with family and friends.. I could really get used to this vacation-thingy ;-)

Five Days Of Vacation

Me And

Monday we went chilling at Charlottenlund beach

Me And

Me and M <3

Me And

M thinks I’m sweet :)

Me And

Tuesday we went to Malmø, Sweden. Ever tried a Swedish hotdog?? Well it’s …. different!

Me And

We arrived in the middle of the Malmö Festival. Even the sculptures were dressed to party :)

Me And

Coffee break in Malmö

Me And

Wednesday we went to Zulu Sommerbio (free movie outside) at Ofelia beach. We brought sushi and saw Midnight In Paris with the most wonderful view :)

Me And

Thursday we made Vietnamese spring rolls for dinner. Yum!

Me And

Disko likes that the weather is getting cooler. I’m more of a sun fan..

Me And

Today we went feeding the fishes!

First week of out Staycation in Copenhagen is almost done. Above you get a glimpse of some of the things we’ve been doing. It really doesn’t have to be boring staying at home in your vacation. At least that’s what we have come to conclude ;-)




Cph Fashion Week // Fashion Cats

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And

It’s Copenhagen Fashion Week these days, and all the fashionistas have come out from their hiding places! I’m only invited to a few shows, and that’s fine by me. I’ll leave the fashionshow reports to the fashion mob, and instead I thought I’ll give you fashion with cats. I love it – of course!