Me And Disko.com // Mia-LinhAbout Me! I’m 26, living in Copenhagen with my cat and boyfriend. In February ’13 we made our biggest purchase ever and soon after we moved into our very own apartment!! I spend my spare time on fleamarkets, in 2nd hand shops and designer stores looking for stuff to fill it with. My biggest love (besides my man) is Disko. We share a special bond, and he follows me pretty much everywhere within the apartment. I just graduated from KEA Design/Business a few months ago, therefore I’m also spending my time job hunting within the creative business.

At the moment I’m crazy about graphic poster designs, teak wood furnitures, edamame beans, floral printed clothing, boyfriend jeans, anything with cats, my apartment, Spring in Copenhagen, nice comments and my family (including my bf and Disko).

Me And Disko.com // DiskoAbout Disko! Disko was born on a farm on June 14th 2010 – only a few kilometers from my home town in Jutland. He’s a big mackerel tabby-cat who often answer back when you talk to him. He grew up without a mother (she was killed by a car), and apparently that’s why he used to suck my earlobes when he was a kitten. Now he just licks them – and yes, I think it’s cute. Just like me, Disko is born in the year of the Tiger, and we both tend to have bit of a temper some times.

At the moment he’s crazy about angora knit sweaters, IKEA toy-mice, his family (mostly me), his new diet food from Hills, taking walks in the garden, running around in the new apartment, playing fetch, cuddling up on the sofa and sleeping in. You can be friends with Disko on facebook – His name is Disko Cat.

Last update April ’13

6 responses to “About”

  1. katrinelystrup says :

    Skøn blog, altid dejligt med flere katte fans/ejere ; )

  2. buttercupsandbuttons says :

    cats and fashion: my two favorite things!

  3. Valentina says :

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog and really love your photos! I think your cat is adorable. Your story about your special bond with your cat reminded me of a book: “Dewey” by Vicki Myron. It’s about a library cat that transformed many people’s lives. Also, there is a sequel: “Dewey’s Nine Lives,” about other special kitties that have given love and support to their owners in different life situations. :-)


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