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Food In Squares

IMG_20130604_001840It’s no secret I like taking pictures of food and putting them on Instagram. Here are just a few of my snaps – all home made meals. In the top right corner are one of my favourite foods: Vietnamese spring rolls (or summer rolls as some call them). I’ll put up a recipe soon..


backpacks all my bags are packedI remember how I sported my Eastpak back in 7th grade: it was navy blue, and me and my friends had decorated with drawings and notes all over -it was the thing! I thought it looked cool, but really it wasn’t. When I realized, I swore never to wear a backpack again.

Then the shoulder bag took it’s turn in fashion, and all the way through high school I couldn’t walk straight up, due to my heavy books. I still have back problems from time to time – I blame fashion.

Then came some years, where I didn’t need to travel heavy, but when I started school again I had a problem. Did I really have to get a backpack again? I did! And a really boring laptop-friendly one, because backpacks were still not in fashion. But now the backpack is back, and there are many to choose from! I’ve gathered some of my favourite backpacks at the moment for you here – I’m especially hooked on Herschel’s and (never thought I’d say this again) Eastpak’s. Hook me up!

25 Years In Fashion


Me And

Tomorrow Thursday, Vero Moda celebrates its 25 years anniversary with 25% discount in all Danish store – but for one day only! Girls! Get your purses and go shopping! There are lot’s of cool styles at the moment, I especially have my eye on this dress from the Very collection – perfect for a Christmas party!

Me And

The silver anniversary is to be marked in more than 40 countries with Vero Moda shops, but the 25% discount day may be different from country to country. So go check your national Vero Moda facebook page – the day will be revealed there. Happy shopping!

Happy Birthday Cake




One of my good friends (and my bf’s roommate) turned 26 earlier this week. He invited the whole gang for buns, coffee and cake, so I decided to help him out a bit by making a birthday cake (which also was my present for him.)

In the cake is one layer of chocolate bar (mars) mousse with chunks of chocolate. One layer of whipped cream with mashed blueberries on a spread of raspberry jam. And on the top is chocolate icing, chopped almonds and fresh blueberries. All the cake layers are chocolate cake  dripped with fresh orange juice and a bit of rum. Oh yum! Think I’ll make something similar at my own birthday in a few weeks.

I Like It Black

Me And

After I learned I was lactoses intolerant, I slowly went from café latte to all black. My favourite mug from designer anne black is the “black is blue” – I tend to chose this every time I drink my coffee at work (must get some myself, now I’m not gonna work there as often). How do you like your morning coffee?

Colourful Houses




Came by these beautiful houses at Amagertorv yesterday. They are part of an exhibition at the Copenhagen Art Festival, and used as small shops for designers selling their creations. I want a house like that some day. Either working as bedroom in a new yorker-ish apartment or as a place to chill in the garden during the hot hours… I know – This is probably not gonna happen soon. But you can always dream…

Cph Fashion Week // Fashion Cats

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And

It’s Copenhagen Fashion Week these days, and all the fashionistas have come out from their hiding places! I’m only invited to a few shows, and that’s fine by me. I’ll leave the fashionshow reports to the fashion mob, and instead I thought I’ll give you fashion with cats. I love it – of course!

Rødder Wining + Dining

The three Rødder/Roots in the kitchen

Petanque action // Bread-view


Lovely people

First course is served outside


The next many couses (7 all together I think!)

Hello cheese!

Solfinn the sommelier is telling about the wines // DESSERT-LOVE!


Saturday I was invited to Rødder’s staff-summer-party. If you’re not already familiar with Rødder, I can tell you it’s a Copenhagen based pop up dinner experience, run by three fantastic guys (who just happens to be marvellous cooks as well.) If you ever get the chance to participate in one of their pop up dinners, you should definitely do so. They make great food made from local products in season, and serve it with fine biodynamic wines – all at a very fair price. What’s not to like? Anyways, I’m lucky to have gotten to known these guys though my friend M, and to be invited for a dinner my taste buds won’t forget for a long time.  If the pictures make you hungry, keep and eye out for the next Rødder event right here.