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Will You Be Our Valentine?

Me and Disko // Valentines Day Card

Hope you are all having a nice Valentines Day with your favourite man/woman/friend/pet/sit-com/dishs or whatever makes you happy. If you don’t have a “someone special”, don’t worry! Me and Disko are right here, sending you a bunch of virtual love through the screen of your computer. – Can you feel it?

In Denmark Valentines Day isn’t such a big deal (yet), so my boyfriend still don’t see why we should celebrate it. Bummer. He’s going to watch Champions League tonight with the guys, and I’m staying in with Disko and a movie. Valentines Day with my cat, actually sounds quite nice – but that’s just me I guess. The bf actually promised to come by for dessert after the match, so now I have too make something… hmm, what to make, what to make?

Lots of love, Me and Disko