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Roskilde Festival 2013

IMG_20130703_234957Helloooo Roskilde!!

I’ve only been to Roskilde Festival once before, back in 2003, so it was good to be back! I’ll show you some snaps from the days we were there..

IMG_20130703_230314Our first night a Roskilde was Wednesday. We went by the Galla-party in Camp Lime to meet some friends and to keep warm by dancing! .. aaaii Macarena!


The designers: Me, Mette Marko and Soffi Mbenga

I worked as a designer for H&M at Roskilde, and in return I got my ticket. I worked all Thursday on opening day, and me and two other designers made accessories and t-shirts for the Swap Shop. Festival guest could come and swap their old (and dirty) clothing/accessories to new ones. The overlying theme for the H&M Reboot area was sustainability, and I think it came across pretty well.

IMG_20130703_200324Before the festival, we also had to prepare a lot of things. One thing was to upgraded a hammock for the H&M hammock-lounge. I made the one with triangles.


IMG_20130705_125112Friday we attended the “Taste of Lolland-Falster” lunch at Roskilde. The ever handsome Rødder was cooking, and as always the food was beautiful and tasty! We has three courses, beer and dessert wine for only 110 kroner! This is a must if you attend Roskilde next year – and there are lots of other social dining experiences as well.

IMG_20130705_144421Many fun activities to do at Roskilde..

IMG_20130707_201047– but we also did a lot of chilling in the sun!

IMG_20130719_094853– And eating!

IMG_20130706_000843Between that we got to hear a lot of music too…

Did you attend Roskilde festival this year??





backpacks all my bags are packedI remember how I sported my Eastpak back in 7th grade: it was navy blue, and me and my friends had decorated with drawings and notes all over -it was the thing! I thought it looked cool, but really it wasn’t. When I realized, I swore never to wear a backpack again.

Then the shoulder bag took it’s turn in fashion, and all the way through high school I couldn’t walk straight up, due to my heavy books. I still have back problems from time to time – I blame fashion.

Then came some years, where I didn’t need to travel heavy, but when I started school again I had a problem. Did I really have to get a backpack again? I did! And a really boring laptop-friendly one, because backpacks were still not in fashion. But now the backpack is back, and there are many to choose from! I’ve gathered some of my favourite backpacks at the moment for you here – I’m especially hooked on Herschel’s and (never thought I’d say this again) Eastpak’s. Hook me up!

The Cat In The Orange Chair

DSC_0005DSC_0008 forgetaboutit 600x150 DSC_0010

I know this great 2nd hand furniture sale in Copenhagen. It’s only open once a week, and only for 2 hours! Today I dropped by just as it opened, and my eyes immediately caught this orange fellow. Another woman already had her hands on it, but decided not to buy, as it wasn’t as cheap as she had hoped. Just my luck! The colour is perfect in our living room, and I love the frame and the 70s vibe. Disko seems to love it too – he has been laying in it ever since I brought it home.

This chair actually means we’re done furnishing the livingroom (with big things)! Of course my boyfriend thinks we should get rid of my Kartell Bourgie lamp and Panier coffee table, but that won’t happen until we (I) find a suitable replacement. And who knows how long that will take..?



25 Years In Fashion


Me And Disko.com

Tomorrow Thursday, Vero Moda celebrates its 25 years anniversary with 25% discount in all Danish store – but for one day only! Girls! Get your purses and go shopping! There are lot’s of cool styles at the moment, I especially have my eye on this dress from the Very collection – perfect for a Christmas party!

Me And Disko.com

The silver anniversary is to be marked in more than 40 countries with Vero Moda shops, but the 25% discount day may be different from country to country. So go check your national Vero Moda facebook page – the day will be revealed there. Happy shopping!

Lane Del Rey * HM

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.com

Just ordered this beautiful and fuzzy knit from HM.com. I bought one quite similar last fall in black and it has been one of my favourite knits ever since. Hopefully I’ll be as happy for this one too. Lane Del Rey looks absolutely amazing in it anyways…

New In // Camera Bag

Me And Disko.com

It’s Sunday – and officially the first day in my 2 weeks of vacation! Oh baby yes – I’ve been looking forward to this! Yesterday, I got off work a bit earlier, so decided to hit a flea market on my way home. In a hidden corner I found this old camera bag. I’ve been looking for a substitute for the very un-stylish camera bag I already have, so for only 25 kroner (about 4 dollars) I took it home. Love it already. Think I’ll hit some more flea markets today – and maybe the beach too. Have a happy Sunday!

Adidas Originals SS13

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.com

pictures by me + Adidas Group + Cfw

During Copenhagen Fashion Week I attended the Whiite show and Adidas Originals. I’m a big fan of the sporty-fashion trend and was looking forward to seeing what Adidas was bringing to the table Friday night. I wasn’t disappointed. Casual apparel with a funky (and sometimes fun) twist. Cool prints and nice models (and an open bar afterwards) – what’s not to like? haha

Cph Fashion Week // Fashion Cats

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.com

It’s Copenhagen Fashion Week these days, and all the fashionistas have come out from their hiding places! I’m only invited to a few shows, and that’s fine by me. I’ll leave the fashionshow reports to the fashion mob, and instead I thought I’ll give you fashion with cats. I love it – of course!


Me And Disko.com // UO UnicornMe And Disko.com // UO UnicornMe And Disko.com // UO UnicornMe And Disko.com // UO Unicorn

Urban Outfitters have this weird/beautiful/crazy/awesome/scary unicorn mask on their webshop. Not sure what I’d use it for – but I feel like I want one! Could make the nicest pictures with this… I’ll add it to my wishlist – maybe someone is crazy enough to buy it for me?