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Happy Birthday Disko

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Today Disko turned three years old! We celebrated with decorations, birthday song (just me, haha) and a “seafood buffet” for dinner – he loves shrimp! Pretty good day for at cat I’d say ;-)

Disko might be three in human years, but in cat years he’s actually turning 28!Geeezz, my cat’s older than me! Luckily he still acts like a kitten who loves to cuddle up on the couch with me :-)

Going Home



It’s the last day of our vacation and we’re now on our way back to Copenhagen. Disko is traveling with style in his new burgundy coloured carrier bag from Zooplus. The old one couldn’t hold his weight anymore, but this one seems to be perfect for a cat his size :-)

Disko is not all that keen on traveling these long distances, but at least Roquefort (his mouse) is there to keep him company. See you back in the city…

My Week In Snapshots

Me And Disko.com

1: Flashed my new anne black knot ring (not available for purchase yet) // 2: Disko got a new feeding-robot-thingy // 3: Moviedate with my bf (Hunger Games)  // 4: Disko enjoyed the sun in the window sill // 5: Got a new dress // 6: Dinner and drinks with my girls // 7: The view from the morning party – The Scandic Hotel! // 8: Birthday-lunch at D’s

These are just some of the many pictures I took with my new phone this week. Totally in låååååv with my Samsung Galaxy s2 – best buy in a long time! Follow on Instagram (meanddisko) or just stay tune for weekly updates here on the blog. Happy Sunday!