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Roskilde Festival 2013

IMG_20130703_234957Helloooo Roskilde!!

I’ve only been to Roskilde Festival once before, back in 2003, so it was good to be back! I’ll show you some snaps from the days we were there..

IMG_20130703_230314Our first night a Roskilde was Wednesday. We went by the Galla-party in Camp Lime to meet some friends and to keep warm by dancing! .. aaaii Macarena!


The designers: Me, Mette Marko and Soffi Mbenga

I worked as a designer for H&M at Roskilde, and in return I got my ticket. I worked all Thursday on opening day, and me and two other designers made accessories and t-shirts for the Swap Shop. Festival guest could come and swap their old (and dirty) clothing/accessories to new ones. The overlying theme for the H&M Reboot area was sustainability, and I think it came across pretty well.

IMG_20130703_200324Before the festival, we also had to prepare a lot of things. One thing was to upgraded a hammock for the H&M hammock-lounge. I made the one with triangles.


IMG_20130705_125112Friday we attended the “Taste of Lolland-Falster” lunch at Roskilde. The ever handsome Rødder was cooking, and as always the food was beautiful and tasty! We has three courses, beer and dessert wine for only 110 kroner! This is a must if you attend Roskilde next year – and there are lots of other social dining experiences as well.

IMG_20130705_144421Many fun activities to do at Roskilde..

IMG_20130707_201047– but we also did a lot of chilling in the sun!

IMG_20130719_094853– And eating!

IMG_20130706_000843Between that we got to hear a lot of music too…

Did you attend Roskilde festival this year??




New In // Giant Glasses

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.com

After a few (too many) years wearing contacts all day, I decided it was about time to let my eyes breathe a bit. -At least a couple of days a week. I’ve had my glasses for a few days now, and I’ve grown quite happy for them. They are huge – I know –  but that’s what I like about them. The huge frame makes it possible still to see my eye instead of squeezing it in, as some frames do. Thought I’d might as well chose a frame that made me look like a funky designer – maybe I’ll become one too then :)

Chat Du Jour #31 // Busy Busy

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.com

Sorry I haven’t been tuning in so much lately. Bad blogger! I’m just super busy at school right now, and at the same time I need to find the time to travel to Jutland for some important events I can’t miss. Just a bit stressed out! Disko has been busy also – besides helping me, he’s been helping out with my roomie’s project too. Pretty sure he’s going to be a great designer when he grows up.