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Happy Birthday Cake




One of my good friends (and my bf’s roommate) turned 26 earlier this week. He invited the whole gang for buns, coffee and cake, so I decided to help him out a bit by making a birthday cake (which also was my present for him.)

In the cake is one layer of chocolate bar (mars) mousse with chunks of chocolate. One layer of whipped cream with mashed blueberries on a spread of raspberry jam. And on the top is chocolate icing, chopped almonds and fresh blueberries. All the cake layers are chocolate cake  dripped with fresh orange juice and a bit of rum. Oh yum! Think I’ll make something similar at my own birthday in a few weeks.

Chat Du Jour #37 // Birthday Boy

Me And Disko.com

Hurraaaaay! It’s Disko’s 2nd birthday today – can’t believe he’s already two years old! Tonight some of his best friends (and cat-sitters) are coming over to celebrate him with birthday cake and coffee. Disko doesn’t really have a sweet-tooth, so I bought him some delicious shrimp instead! -It is his birthday after all. Btw – don’t forget to follow on facebook for more updates and pictures :)

Ps: Do you like the picture? It was the invitation-design – think it came out trés cool :)