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This House Is Made Of Stone

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Just finished presenting my packaging concept for Meyers Køkken. My idea was a children’s box, that could turn in to a cress-gardening project. Reusing the packaging – ftw! This is one of my prototypes, with illustration of Grantoftegaard – one of Meyers farms. The box is made in stone-paper – a cradle to cradle certified material made without any use of wood. It also have a lot of other environmental benefits. The children’s box is a whole thought trough concept – but I can’t tell you anymore for now. You like?

Chat Du Jour #21

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I’m spending Easter in my home town in Jutland with my family – and Disko of course. It’s not often I’m home, or that we’re all home at the same time at least, so I’m putting family time over blogging time. Hope you’ll understand, and that you’re spending the Holidays with your loved ones.

Chat Du Jour #11


Todays Chat Du Jour is Pusheen the cat. If you don’t already know Pusheen, we can tell you it’s the sweetest animated cat ever. Check out Pusheens blog – it likes many of the same things as Disko :)

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2012

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Yesterday D and I went for a Sunday-walk in the city in the nice weather. We came by Kunsthal Charlottenborg (art museum) and decided to have a look inside. Currently you can visit The Spring Exhibition 2012 which features 69 participants from around the world, and vote for your favourite. We didn’t vote, we just watched. And watched a bit more. There is some pretty weird stuff in between, but that’s the beauty of Charlottenborg. I don’t remember the name of the artist behind the photo beneath, but somehow I found it quite interesting…

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The Spring Exhibition 2012 runs until May 6th. If you have a student ID, entrance fee is only 40 kroner.

7 Wonders // Taschen Wishlist

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Wouldn’t mind updating my book-shelve with these nice Taschen books. As you might notice, I have a soft spot for graphics, advertisements, design and nice photos – just to name a few! You can find them all (and many more) right here.