backpacks all my bags are packedI remember how I sported my Eastpak back in 7th grade: it was navy blue, and me and my friends had decorated with drawings and notes all over -it was the thing! I thought it looked cool, but really it wasn’t. When I realized, I swore never to wear a backpack again.

Then the shoulder bag took it’s turn in fashion, and all the way through high school I couldn’t walk straight up, due to my heavy books. I still have back problems from time to time – I blame fashion.

Then came some years, where I didn’t need to travel heavy, but when I started school again I had a problem. Did I really have to get a backpack again? I did! And a really boring laptop-friendly one, because backpacks were still not in fashion. But now the backpack is back, and there are many to choose from! I’ve gathered some of my favourite backpacks at the moment for you here – I’m especially hooked on Herschel’s and (never thought I’d say this again) Eastpak’s. Hook me up!

What I’ve Been Doing, Part Two

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Due to time and money, we agreed from the beginning only to fix up the two living rooms before we moved in. That gave us about 9 working days (and nights) before moving day! Started off by spending a weekend pulling off many layers of old wallpaper. It’s an old building from 1906, and I’m not sure if some of the layers were that old, but we did come across some very nice (and very ugly) patterns. Holes were filled and walls were sanded – a job from hell that takes longer than you expect!  We had the floors done – sanded and treated with lye and white soap. They look sooo beautiful now and makes the rooms look so bright. After my dad helped us putting up glass felt, we just needed to paint. Beautiful white walls! We ended up moving in a few days before the rooms were done, as it all took a bit longer than expected. But at least we did most of it ourselves, and that’s pretty cool I think..

The Cat In The Orange Chair

DSC_0005DSC_0008 forgetaboutit 600x150 DSC_0010

I know this great 2nd hand furniture sale in Copenhagen. It’s only open once a week, and only for 2 hours! Today I dropped by just as it opened, and my eyes immediately caught this orange fellow. Another woman already had her hands on it, but decided not to buy, as it wasn’t as cheap as she had hoped. Just my luck! The colour is perfect in our living room, and I love the frame and the 70s vibe. Disko seems to love it too – he has been laying in it ever since I brought it home.

This chair actually means we’re done furnishing the livingroom (with big things)! Of course my boyfriend thinks we should get rid of my Kartell Bourgie lamp and Panier coffee table, but that won’t happen until we (I) find a suitable replacement. And who knows how long that will take..?



Keys To A Home

IMG_20130201_124935It often happens that when you’re supposed to be doing one thing (like writing your BA) you find other things more interesting – like looking at apartments for sale.

After browsing a few months, we went to see one just before Christmas who fulfilled the most of our demands – size, prize and style-wise. We placed a bid, negotiated, and just after New Years we signed the deal to a four room apartment with great light-income and friendly neighbours! It all went very fast. I graduated late January, and February 1st we got the keys to our new home! It’s a dream come true to own our own place – didn’t honestly think it would happen within the next few years, but it did! h a p p y !

What I’ve Been Doing, Part One

huslys bloginsidehuslys2 blog

In November I wrote “I’ll be black” – guess it took a little longer than I expected. At that time, I pulled the plug to focus on my final assignment, so I wouldn’t stress out. I did anyway though.

On the pictures above you can see part of the product I designed. My focus was on how, through product-design, it would be possible to create awareness on the NGO Mother’s Aid, and the fact that so many children live in poverty. I’m not going to tell you the whole underlying story here, just show you the pictures of HUSLYS (houselight) – a multifunctional piece of furniture, that’s both a night light, storage and table in one. Do you like?

KEA award

I actually won an award for my BA project – pretty good ending to my student career. Now I just need to find myself a job, but that’s another story…

I’ll Be Back


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