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My Grandmother

Me And Disko - my grandmother

Me and my very awesome grandmother, at my aunt and uncle’s 40th+50th birthday+wedding anniversary party yesterday. Don’t we look happy ? :D

I Like It Black

Me And

After I learned I was lactoses intolerant, I slowly went from café latte to all black. My favourite mug from designer anne black is the “black is blue” – I tend to chose this every time I drink my coffee at work (must get some myself, now I’m not gonna work there as often). How do you like your morning coffee?

Colourful Houses




Came by these beautiful houses at Amagertorv yesterday. They are part of an exhibition at the Copenhagen Art Festival, and used as small shops for designers selling their creations. I want a house like that some day. Either working as bedroom in a new yorker-ish apartment or as a place to chill in the garden during the hot hours… I know – This is probably not gonna happen soon. But you can always dream…

New In // Camera Bag

Me And

It’s Sunday – and officially the first day in my 2 weeks of vacation! Oh baby yes – I’ve been looking forward to this! Yesterday, I got off work a bit earlier, so decided to hit a flea market on my way home. In a hidden corner I found this old camera bag. I’ve been looking for a substitute for the very un-stylish camera bag I already have, so for only 25 kroner (about 4 dollars) I took it home. Love it already. Think I’ll hit some more flea markets today – and maybe the beach too. Have a happy Sunday!

Sunday In The Sun

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And

Sunday the sun came out, and we went biking around the city. We went by a flea market where I bought a few books, and then by Svanemøllen beach where we took a walk in the shallow water. We sat down by the curve side to watch a bit of Challenge Copenhagen (KMD Triathlon / Ironman), and biked a bit along the route. -I’ve got nothing but respect for these guys!!

In the afternoon I sat in the garden reading Sushi for Beginners (vacation reading), while my bf watched the Olympics with some friends. He came by in the evening, and around midnight we went outside to watch the meteor shower. I saw two shooting stars and wished for more days like these :)