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Coldplay @ Parken // Flashback


Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And Disko.comRemembered I forgot to show you the pictures from the Coldplay concert back in August. As you can see – it was light-show-crazyness in the absolute best way ever! Even the audience were part of the light-show, as blinking wristbands were handed out in the entrance. Very cool gadget! It was my third Coldplay concert, and definitely not the last if you ask me. One of the few bands that NEVER bore me.

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25 Years In Fashion


Me And

Tomorrow Thursday, Vero Moda celebrates its 25 years anniversary with 25% discount in all Danish store – but for one day only! Girls! Get your purses and go shopping! There are lot’s of cool styles at the moment, I especially have my eye on this dress from the Very collection – perfect for a Christmas party!

Me And

The silver anniversary is to be marked in more than 40 countries with Vero Moda shops, but the 25% discount day may be different from country to country. So go check your national Vero Moda facebook page – the day will be revealed there. Happy shopping!

We All Have Breasts!!

Lyserød lørdag

Today you can walk 5 km in Frederiksberg Garden, buy a pink creamy cake at Reinh Van Hauen and support the fight against breast cancer the whole time!

In Denmark, today is Pink Saturday / lyserød lørdag. A lot of shops are donating profits from today’s sales to the fight against breast cancer – so if your about to go shopping, why not spend your money at one of these places? You can even save money in some of the shops, so go go go!

See the whole list of shops right HERE, and check out some of the other cool events too. I’m on my way soon!

Lane Del Rey * HM

Me And Disko.comMe And Disko.comMe And

Just ordered this beautiful and fuzzy knit from I bought one quite similar last fall in black and it has been one of my favourite knits ever since. Hopefully I’ll be as happy for this one too. Lane Del Rey looks absolutely amazing in it anyways…

Happy Birthday Cake




One of my good friends (and my bf’s roommate) turned 26 earlier this week. He invited the whole gang for buns, coffee and cake, so I decided to help him out a bit by making a birthday cake (which also was my present for him.)

In the cake is one layer of chocolate bar (mars) mousse with chunks of chocolate. One layer of whipped cream with mashed blueberries on a spread of raspberry jam. And on the top is chocolate icing, chopped almonds and fresh blueberries. All the cake layers are chocolate cake  dripped with fresh orange juice and a bit of rum. Oh yum! Think I’ll make something similar at my own birthday in a few weeks.