Testing: Veet Easy Wax

A few weeks ago, a package arrived to me from Buzzador* containing a Veet Easy Wax electrical roll-on kit! Very fancy. I’m a totally wax newbie, so I was quite excited to test it later that evening.


That smart thing about this wax roll-on thingy, is that you just plug it in the switch, and after 20-40 minutes the wax is ready to roll. I couldn’t wait, so began after 20 minutes. Didn’t work. After 30 it was better (but really it has to be in for 40 minutes to be perfect).

My first wax was a mess! Seriously. Sticky wax leftovers kind of glued my legs together, the waxing papers were all over the place and I just could get all the hairs off – probably because the lighting in the livingroom was shit, but also because it said on the package that you’re only allowed to wax the same place once.. hmm.. Anyways, I did it and it didn’t hurt! yay! But my legs was definitely not hair-free afterwards. I thought that maybe there’s a reason why people pay to get their legs done by a professional – as in another person – so I invited my friend over for a wax treatment. Maybe if we could do it on each other it would be easier. She was a wax-newbie too!

DSC_0017This is  her hairy legs – I promised not to reveal her true identity, haha.


It was much easier to do it on her, than on myself. The lighting was also much better, so I could actually see the hairs – that helps a lot!


Anyways, this little lady had a lot of hairs on her legs, so we ended up spending almost an hour on one leg! Then she had to leave. With one nice hair free leg – and with one hairy one.

DSC_0041This is the hairy one!

DSC_0040And this is the hair free one. Nice right?

Because we only had time to do one leg, she had to shave the other. It’s been about a week now and she has already shaved that one leg several times now – the result is quite clear, and she has already made a new wax-date :)

After her success I tried to wax my legs again with a much better result. First times are just hard I guess. Even though it said I shouldn’t wax the same place more than once, I did, and that made the difference. Plus I left the wax to heat in 40 minutes, I’ve run out of wax now, but I’ll definitely buy a refill. I see why this waxing is so popular, but I’m not throwing out my razor right this moment. There’s always times when you’re in a hurry, and shaving is just much faster for me..

Veet Easy Wax: **** (4 out of 6 stars)

*What is Buzzador? Being a Buzzer at Buzzador basically means that I’m a test person. Buzzador select some of their members to test certain products and give a review of them. The product given is free, I only have to give my personal opinion about it.

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