Ink Is Forever

… And it still looks good if you ask me.

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Kvinde, designer, hustru, kattedame og ikke mindst mor! Blogger på om hverdage i Kbh NV - hvordan den er i virkeligheden og hvad vi drømmer om!

2 responses to “Ink Is Forever”

  1. smilesandhappiness says :

    I must say I’m not a fan of tattoos, but they do make the personality. What I mostly like about this picture is that they still seem to be so much in love. Beautiful.

    • Mia-Linh // ME AND DISKO says :

      Exactly why I like this picture too – the love, and the story they share in their tattoos. I can only wish my future husband will look at me the same way when I get old an wrinkly ;-)