At The Vet

Me And

Then we travelled back from Jutland yesterday Disko made a little tinkle in his transporter. He never does so, and when I saw that the pee was red, I got really worried. This morning I called the vet and made an appointment for Disko. I used the whole night before to research what I might be, and as I assumed he had struvite crystals in his urinary tract. What’s that? You don’t know what struvite crystals are? Well here’s a picture for you:

Me And

Imagine squeezing these sucker out when trying to pee!! Auch.. What’s worse is that they might clutter up the urinary tract so that peeing is impossible for the cat. Luckily I noticed in time! Right now he’s a bit groggy due to the sedation he got when the vet had to take a urine sample. She stuck a long, small tube right into his pee-pee. Poor Disko. He’s also going to take some antibiotics and have some special food that breaks down the evil crystals. All this costed me a small fortune, but I’m just happy that he’s going to be fine. It’s all worth it, even when Disko is eating his 150-kroner-a-kilo gourmet cat food, and I’m eating pasta with ketchup.

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  1. AM says :

    Stakkels Disko :( God bedring til ham