I’m Sorry Dinner

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Last week I accidentally broke some of my roomies plates (a heritage from her late grandmother – c r a p !). It was a total accident, and not really my fault, I just happened to open the cupboard when they decided to fall out of it – I didn’t even touch them (truth!). Well anyway, I still felt terrible and to make it better I promised to make her Vietnamese fried spring rolls for dinner one day. We had them a lot when we travelled together in Vietnam last summer, and today I made them for us – from scratch.

To go with the spring rolls, I made a Vietnamese noodle salad. Need I say that it all tasted D E L I C I O U S ? Even though it actually was an “I’m sorry for your loss (of plates)”-dinner, it turned out to be a celebrations dinner too. Yesterday I got a very nice call from a firm that wanted me as their intern this summer – oh yes! I was also told that my teachers had put me up to be nominated to an innovation award for a project I’ve made. How freaking cool is that?? Even though I might not be nominated, I’m still very proud. High five to myself! I’ll tell you more about this, when something new happens :)

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6 responses to “I’m Sorry Dinner”

  1. Kimmy says :

    YUMMY – det ser rigtig lækkert ud!
    (må sgu også lige tage mig sammen og få uploadet et par mad billeder på min blog). Og endnu en gang tillykke med de gode nyheder :)

  2. simplydelish says :

    Aw, Im sure those Vietnamese spring rolls made up for it ! They look great :)