Dreaming About Bjørg Jewellery

Me And Disko // Bjørg JewelleryMe And Disko // Bjørg JewelleryMe And Disko // Bjørg JewelleryEver since I first noticed the Norwegian jewellery brand Bjørg back in 2010 (think it was at a Stine Goya show), I’ve been in l o v e . The jewellery have just the right edgy feel paired with feminine materials that I love. I’m all about chunky rings (think they make my fingers look smaller), and if someone special offered me a ring like this above, I probably couldn’t say anything but “I do”. I’m not too crazy about the traditional proposal ring look (if there’s even such thing?). I want something personal and out of normal. Just like this giant stone. I don’t even care if it’s not a real diamond.

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