Pop The Cork


Fell upon this “Celebration Chandelier” from British designer Alkesh Parmar. The chandelier was part of the London’s Royal College of Art graduate show last year, which contained lots of other green designs. I like the idea of saving the cork from champagne (or wine) bottles, and making it into something new.  I have a sweet spot for lamps, so maybe that’s why I like this one in particular. I heard of one who used to write on the cork stopper she saved, for instance what occasion the bottle had been open for. That would be a nice, personal addition to the chandelier, don’t you think? Think I’ll start collecting champagne corks from now on. Think I’ll start drinking more champagne from now on! If you are more into wine, then maybe these project were for you?

By the way, did you know the cork stopper is endangered, as more and more distributors chose to use plastic stoppers instead? I think it’s a pity – the cork has such charm. If you think so too, make sure your next bottle of champagne/wine has a cork stopper. Cheers.

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